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This wiki is about the manga, Revenge Classroom (復讐教室, Fukushū Kyōshitsu) written by Yamazaki Karasu and illustrated by Kaname Ryu. We are currently editing 61 articles. Feel free to help in improving the wiki by editing and contributing new articles or pictures.
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Revenge Classroom revolves around Ayana Fujisawa, a middle school student who is horribly bullied by her classmates at school. She used to try to defend herself but she soon learns that if she stayed quiet, the bullying ended somewhat quickly. However, the bullying escalates one day when someone pushed her into traffic. At the hospital, as she recovers, she realises that if she does not strike back her classmates are probably going to end up killing her.

She then initiates an intricate plan to take revenge on each and every one of her classmates - those who bullied her, those who stood aside and laughed, and those who did nothing to make it stop. She begins gathering notes on her classmates, finding out about their weaknesses and exploits them, completely collapsing their lives. While some of the students really seem to deserve their fate, her plan also includes those she used to count as close friends and even the ones helping her in her revenge scheme.

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